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What is Anxiety?

Anxiety is not just a mere feeling of worry and nervousness. It has been termed as a mental disorder in which a person can undergo mental pain with occasional panic attacks. If anxiety continuously haunts, it should not be ignored instead must be treated. Anxiety can lead to very serious PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) if not treated at the earlier stages. So without any further ado, let’s understand the root cause of anxiety.


Roots of the Problem 


One of the Sanskrit Shlokas in Indian Scriptures depicts, “The funeral pyre burns the dead body while worry burns the body alive.” True that! There is a well-known quote that says, ”we suffer more in imagination than in reality.” This constant overthinking, fear of losing, fear of emptiness, fear of loneliness breeds anxiety in a person.

Career, Competition, High package is all about the life we are living. We have locked ourselves, and unfortunately, most of us don’t even realize this. Many of us are running a rat race, believing that someday you will reach where you want.

Fortunately, when you achieve it then you aim for something more than what you achieved. You achieve it, but suddenly you realize you are not content at all then that emptiness, aloneness breeds anxiety of losing all you have.

Unfortunately, some of us fail to achieve something they have dreamt of, and they also join the rat race and start running. While none of us know where we are heading?

What is the problem?

It is a very common emotion to have anxiety. When stress in your work-life, personal life increases it is common to feel anxious. Stress if handled wisely, turns out to be miraculous but when it goes beyond certain limits it destroys your well-being.
The meaning of anxiety disorder is persistent fear, uneasiness, overthinking, and irrationality.

Panic attacks, emptiness, fear of everything you come across, confused state of mind, sweating frequently, sleepless nights, the loop of negative thoughts, palpitations are some of the symptoms of anxiety disorder.

Ever thought,  is anxiety real or just an illusion? Is it psychological or physical? Can anxiety disorder be cured? If not, let us help you to understand the problem thoroughly.

It is both. Anxiety disorder comes with a fear of being harmed in real or even in imagination. Losing control over the central system, imbalance in the secretion of chemical messengers are responsible for anxiety disorder. Dopamine, serotine, and norepinephrine chemicals affect human moods. 

Anxiety disorder can be cured. Only medications or only psychological treatment will not be sufficient. Anxiety disorder demands overall treatment to heal and cure. Here are some known, natural but less implemented ways to cure anxiety. We promise you, it will surely help you to connect you deeply with yourself and erase all the anxiety issues from your life.

Natural Treatments to cure anxiety disorder


Self- care and emotional support

It feels so bad when somebody neglects you. Think, how your own body, your mind feels when you neglect the inner voice and the alerts it prompts to warn you. Then the moment comes when the body cannot tolerate it anymore and reacts by showing a disorder. So listen to it, understand it, and analyze it. Keep yourself away from the virtual world and connect with the universe within you because this virtual world will betray you, hurt you, but believe me, the universe will never.

Seek emotional support. Understand that, it is not a sign of cowardness to seek help rather it shows that you are brave enough to open up and say what you feel. We need people around us, may it be your parents, siblings, and friends. Keep your family as the best backup. Parents give you unconditional love and support so open up to them, believe them. Yes, sometimes they fail to understand you, yet they will stand with you neglecting conflicts to heal you.
Have faith, things will fall apart soon.


Connect with the Universe

Imagine you have a car, you know the route, you know the destination but you do not have sufficient or say essential fuel. Is it possible to reach anywhere? Your answer must be no, right?
Then how can your body and mind run efficiently, without proper fuel? 

What is fuel then? Wait, don’t misunderstand fuel by only food or water. Fuel means the Panchtatva or you can say Panchamahabhutas ( The Sanskrit word which means five elements, with which every element on the earth is made up of!). 

Let us understand one by one:  Aakash, Vayu, Jal, Agni, and Prithvi.


Aakash (Space)

The sky is an open wide space, under which everything is accumulated, still everything is organized and functioning properly. The same is with your body, everything is inside you. Find that consciously. Fuel up yourself with an unconditional form of consciousness, awareness, and intelligence. Anxiety is nothing but a lack of self-awareness.
Organize everything inside your mind consciously and take control over your mind.



Vayu (Air)

Oxygen keeps you alive. An insufficient supply of air makes you feel uncomfortable. Keep your surroundings clean. Make your workspace a little creatively decorated. Fresh air keeps you happy and free of any anxiety issue. You can go for a stroll too. Go on a walk and clear your mind.


Jal (Water)

Have plenty of water. Replace cold drinks with water, lemon juice, and fruit juices. It provides oxygen to the brain to function efficiently. 

Have a bath daily. Sitting in one place just overthinking can contract the body so take a bath of mild water. You will feel a little better.


Agni (Fire)


Fire is the source of light and energy. Intelligence is directly associated with sunlight. Your mind is useless if you think randomly without any intellect or logic. Watch the rising sun every morning.  Let the sunlight enter your home every morning. Every moment of darkness in your life will vanish.

Prithvi (Mother earth)

Prithvi, the source of food you eat. That is where we are going wrong. Processed food or preserved food is what we eat regularly. Have the food which provides nutrients and energy. Eat food to fuel up your body and not to please your taste buds.

These are the five fuels to run your car (body) with extra mileage.

Take medical treatment



If things are going out of your control visit a psychiatrist as soon as possible. There is nothing bad about visiting a psychiatrist. Just like our body, our mind too requires a doctor. Generally, we don’t know the working of our minds. Psychiatrists make you aware of your body alerts which helps you to deal with mental disorders. Just like we wash our hands to eliminate germs, a psychiatrist helps to cleanse our mind by destroying negative thoughts. Take proper medications prescribed by your psychiatrists. It will help you to cure anxiety disorder.


Read Self- Help books



Books are the solution to every existing problem. Books will distract you from the problem you are facing. It will open the gate of wisdom for you. Read every morning. Words have the power to heal you, your anxiety, depression, and self-doubt.

Here are some must-read books to overcome anxiety disorder:

“Be calm: Proven techniques to stop anxiety now.”
“Retrain your Brain.”
“The anxiety and phobia workbook .”
“It is not supposed to be this way.”
Only reading will not help you. Give your best to implement in your life.

Have faith in universal power. If there is a problem, there is a solution. Don’t lose hope. Accept what you have, love what you do. Anxiety disorder is just one phase of your life, this too shall pass.