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True Story behind Bad Education

About two decades ago, the scandal took place in Roslyn High Public School located in Long Island. Bad Education was released by HBO over a weekend, about a real story of this school, a film led by Hugh Jackman. In the movie, the role of Tassone is played by Jackman, a successful and powerful superintendent of District Rosyln School in New York. Who stole from the school budget $11.2 million with his associate Pamela Gluckin whose role played by Allison Janney. In U.S history, it is the largest robbery at public school.

The striking of 2002 dramatized repeat and create by Director Cory Finley with the help of Mike Makowsky, a screenwriter when all this happened he was a middle schooler of Rosyln's school. The real story behind Bad Education was really liked by the s academics institution, others like cheap essay writing service uk and studetns in respect of lesson behind it. Now the real story behind Bad Education, we know everything.

Frank Tassone, who is?

Frank Tassone was a charming and powerful administrator of the school, for all the Rosyln's school teachers, students, and their parents, he has a degree of a doctorate from the University of Columbia. With students of school he regularly ate lunch, with parents of school he led a group book and kept on his desk his late wife photo.

Finally, all it found that Tassone was leading a double life, he stole in taxpayer money a million, exactly about $2.2 million for investment in apartment Park Avenue and he shared with Stephen Signorelli, his partner. He used this amount Las Vegas trips to visit his lover, her name Jason Daugherty, cars, costly dresses, cosmetics, and surgeries. He also used amount for peculiar expenses like in dry cleaning bill $37,385, for Christmas cards $5,236, and to a diet doctor $56,000.

Tassone turned Roslyn's school into the best public high school in America

Roslyn High School is located in Long Islands uptown North Shore, over just outside of Manhattan 20 miles. However, Tassone during his 12 years of service, a virtual superintendent of the school. In the top ten national rankings of school, Roslyn's school entered in these top ranking of best public school.

In May 2004, the crime of Tassone was revealed, a month before this Rosyln school was ranked as the Sixth-best public school in America by Wall Streat Journal. Magazines story of New York inspired by HBO jerk, according to this magazine, it is closest that you can get a ticket to Harvard on Long Island if you did a diploma from Roslyn High School.

Pamela Gluckin who was?

In Roslyn School District, Gluckin was a business administrator and assistant superintendent. She was using the credit card of the district for her expenses when this was found out by the school board it about numbers of $250,000. Then the Tassone hide his crimes. Rabidly, he threw her under a bus and forcing Gluckin to resign, in that way she was lost her license.

Gluckin robbed more than $250,000, indeed it would be later. She used this amount in vacations home in the Hamptons and Florida, on art, on jewellery, and other personal expenses, so the total amount that was stolen was paid about $4.3 million. In the movie, Gluckin's nice role was played by Jenny Aquila, but her real name Debra Rigano, as a district clerk she worked, stole about $780,000.

In the movie, Jimmy McCarten played the role of Gluckin's son but his real name John McCormick, he used the credit card of the district for his massive shopping splurge, it became the first place that got in trouble with his mother. He stole about $83,000 and his verification ended after service of 5 years and in community service 100 hours.

Tassone persuaded the school board, due to the six-figure robbery of Gluckin's, to not tell the authorities. He convinced them, the reputation and ranking of Roslyn's school would affect them.


Eventual Downfall of Tassone's brought about by a Reporter of School

Geraldine Viswanathan played the role of Rachel Bhargava, a student reporter in the movie that made on this crime. She is working on a story of a project of school construction for the newspaper of the High school of Roslyn, The Hilltop Beacon. Then she started to poke deeper into the financial school's record and finally found the robbery of multimillion dollars by Tassone.

The unravelling did by Tassone come at the hands of Rebekah Rombom, a student reporter but in different means. Behind Gluckin's story and firing, the real reason shows to authorities and catching major news outlets for a long time.

Is a Real Person is Bob Spicer?

Is a Bob Spicer real hero or not is not a short answer. Bob Spicer ahead of the school board and a real agent, he played a role of Ray Romano, like Roslyn's rest overperform, parents obsessed by education, he is therefore aroused with it and blinded by the success of Tassano's, increase the scores of school test's and admissions of Ivy League. That made real prices ascend, and on Long Island secure the status of Roslyn as the most requested zip code. A town is only good on Long Island as its system of public school. Bob Spicer just constitute the community of Roslyn; he is not based on a real person.


Frank Tassone where is Now?


Frank Tassone, in 2006 was punished in prison for 4 to 12 years for robbery, but in 2010 he was released early due to his good behaviour, until 2018, he was put on verification. He was prohibited that he doesn't get any job that holds money. Currently, he is in New York and lives a life with a lower class. According to pension law, he still receives a lavish $170,000 pension a year.

At the podcast of Mike Bayer's, he was a personal coach guest this month. In the movie that was made about his crime, he spoke about his crime and about that movie. He said, I thought everything is over finally but for me, it's not over, I feel pain every day, I just crushed.


Pamela Gluckin, where is Now?

Pamela Gluckins, who was punished for three to nine years. In 2011, she was released until in 2015, on parole she remained. She promised to contribute her half pension (annually about $55,000) every year to refund the Roslyn school district. She then found a job and working without any profit in Queens. In 2017, She died.