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Traveling New Zealand – Trip Of Motivation Leading To Business

Traveling New Zealand – Trip Of Motivation Leading To Business 


It was during the holidays that father decided to take us to an unusual destination for a vacation: New Zealand. I knew very little about the country and to satisfy my curiosity, I decided to learn as much as I could about it. Even before we left, I was fascinated. New Zealand was the Southern most land in our half of the world. It was the last land before one stepped onto Antarctica. Its population was as significant as that of Singapore, and its total area was two hundred times that of ours. We landed at Auckland Airport and were struck by the quiet dignity of the land. From here we went on an organized tour. Our holiday was in December, and since we were in the Southern hemisphere, it was summer. Once we had left the city and taken the road to the country, we were amazed at the natural beauty of the land. It was filled with mountains, waterfalls, valleys, lakes, gorges and fast-flowing rivers. New Zealand needs no tourist attraction: it is one big tourist attraction in itself. 


We saw many exciting sights and spent two weeks in this beautiful country. The people of New Zealand are devout environmentalists. They have strict rules about preserving the environment. For example, they plant fir trees everywhere to replace the trees that had been cut down. It seemed to me that they are replanting all the forests they had lost. The rules for people who walk into the woods are also strict. 


We had an opportunity to visit a mountain resort. The mountain was snow-capped and had an unusual name — Ruapehu. I learnt that there is snow at this resort all year and people enjoy skiing here. We spent two days at the resort and then went to a lake called Lake Taupo. Our guide informed me that the lake is as big as Singapore. When I left New Zealand, I was convinced that it is the most beautiful land in the world. Despite that, I was quite sure that the most beautiful thing about New Zealand is the people. They are so kind and gentle and made us feel so welcome that I am determined that I will visit their beautiful country again and again in the future. 


What Motivated Me Start – Up With Business?


At the stage while traveling to New York. I had a great journey where I explored new and different things. While looking at the beautiful surrounding around I was think to explore the world tour but then again the thought that pop me out was I don’t have enough money to travel long distance. So there I decided to start up with the online business earn money and then fulfil the wishes I required to fulfil with the independences in the mind.


At this stages I started with the online website and it got so successful that I would love to share my Success Secrets. The online business Tool helped me a lot in completing my sales on the higher level and also getting the right traffic for my site. The best tool for building the landing pages is the Clickfunnels  and then other tool I used for landing page for my freelancing clients sites is the Click Magick. Let have a quick recap what it actaually works like.


Click Magick Review – 2020


The magic to occur for landing page. Exploring the magic to occur at the clicking tracking, traffic, visitors, money, cash, business etc .You are the right place to read out the review of the click Magick which is the tool for indepth trackings to provide the sketch of next working for you brand.


Features Of Click Magick


  • Competitors Page Tracking
  • Tracking software
  • A/B Testing


Final Thought


The final thought of the click magick is very much interesting. It is all in one tool for the tracking of competitor’s insight like URL which are not yours. Then making the more effective strategies then the competitor. In order to beat the Competitor and rank in the eyes of Google. Then get the organic right traffic for the website. 


Right Motivation, Right Selection, Hardwork always Pays off in an effective way.


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