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Tplink re220 repeater for my graphic designing projects

I design graphics by taking inspiration from various other graphic designers, and use a variety of softwares. I get stressed out in this process if my design is to be saved online and the internet is behaving badly as then I am not sure if it would be saved or not. My hard work got wasted a few times so I decided to not let the bad internet connection stop me from creating my designs. It’s always better to spend some extra money so that the current devices and technology performs better, especially when it doesn’t cost too much. I had heard about AC750 Wi-Fi extender before, so I decided to give it a try especially since I liked its features which were matching my needs for that time. This extender successfully boosts the Wi-Fi signals while reaching all the unreachable areas at my home. 

This extender is compatible with all kind of router devices or access points. It can be used with Wi-Fi devices which are 802.11 b/g/n or 802.11 ac. It allows a stable dual-band of 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands which allow speed of up to 750 Mbps. A mesh network is created. You can use it as an access point as well as a wireless adapter. I have been using this extender as an access point. It has a high speed mode which you can shift to if you require faster Wi-Fi speeds for all your devices. The signal strength is targeted for various devices since the Beamforming technology is being utilized. The best location to set this device up can be located with the help of the Intelligent Signal Indicator. You can easily set it up, and there is the Tether App for managing the device and configuring the settings.


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Set Up for TP-Link re220 Repeater


Power up your tp-link re220 repeater setup keeping it close to your router. Next, click on Wireless Connection network icon present on the taskbar. After that press on the refresh icon and if your tp-link extender’s network appears, click on it.  It is important that the IP segment of your tp-link extender is matching with the root router when you are configuring the tp-link re220 repeater from the management page. GO to Quick setup and then click on Next -> Wireless. Click on Range Extender on the Operation Mode and the click Search. Look for your main router’s SSID from the list and establish a connection with it and save the settings.  

Click on “wireless”, then select “Wireless Security” and fill in version, encryption and PSK password.  Save the settings in the end. Make sure than these security settings match your main router’s settings. The computer should acquire the IP address on its own. In the end it is important to place the extender to a centralized location and ensure that the smart light indicator light approves of that location. It has one High speed mode in which one of the Wi-Fi band is used as a backhaul and the other dedicated Wi-Fi band works as an access point which increases the bandwidth of the extended Wi-Fi device.


TP-Link re220 Repeater Not Working?


If your tp-link re220 not working properly, then you can check the settings first, make sure the network data is connected properly and it is important to check that your internet is otherwise working without the use of the repeater. If nothing else helps, you can reset your tp-link re220 repeater in the end. Take a backup of your factory settings if you wish to restore them later on. You need to press the RESET button on your tp-link extender for just 1 second and let it reboot.  To restore your factory settings, first you have to visit the re220 login page by entering your login details. In the Settings, you will find System tools, click on the Backup and Restore option and do the Factory Restore.