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Top 10 things to do on the first South African visit

Baboons begin every journey to South Africa. 


Animals appear in the strangest positions at Cape Point, the south-west tip of South Africa. On the way to Table Mountain, just north of the mainland, you can end up winding forest highways that house many families of baboons. (It is not unusual to see riders waving in the ostrich on the highway.). They often walk on the shoulder of the lane, or even right in the middle, where they groom each other without care. Take all your favorite pictures — particularly the lovely babies — and do not open a door or break through your windows. These baboons mean business. They mean business.


At Table Mountain, check out Cape Town at sunset.


3,500 feet above Cape Town, this flat-topped mountain provides a stunning view of the top of the mainland. The cloud cover is usually broad enough to lie just below the crest, and you can look over a white wiping blanket. Energetic tourists are going up; the others want a trip on the cableway that is idyllic.


Compare a stretch of willy little penguins from Boulders shore.


Within a short drive of Cape Town to Boulders Beach, you're prepared to fight a few tiny residents for sandy, shoreline property: the area has a penguin colony which claimed the beach in the early 1980s, never left. Your house is a haven now. You are invited to get as close as you dare, but don't feed everything you do – penguins are no joke.


The country in the Dundi Lodge backyard.


The backyard of the resort is a large amount of dirt doubling as a private route, allowing you to charter a flight right at the door of your cabin. Private balconies and fresh beds are hard to leave your home, but it is worth exploring the Augrabies Falls place known for adventure junkies. Cool off and drink in the adjacent Augrabies Camp and Lodge resort where the on-site bar has empty Jägermeister Bottles to be decorated for $40,000.


Go down the Orange River courageously.


This section of the river Orange, which is the longest in the country in Augrabies Falls, is not far from the Namibian border with many daredevils (although there is plenty where novices can paddle). The more untimely you can go downstairs alone all tours will come with a guide.


Check for Kimberley's "the Big Hole"


The teal waters at the base of this abandoned diamond mine make an impressive image from several points of view, but the best is in the air, by helicopter tours across Northern Cape Province's capital city. On the land, you will reach the abandoned mine and remember what it was like at full speed – 150 years ago.


Get the full shot of the iconic works of art from Soweto on Instagram.


Soweto is an extensive but critical district within Johannesburg, which stands for "South Western Townships," Nelson Mandela's birthplace and still stands its bricked home as a museum in his youth. There is also the Orlando Power Station Cooling Towers, painted with fascinating walls reflecting Mandela himself, the group, and the music. Brave souls will spring from the two 300-foot towers on a platform.


Live in the Birthplace of Humanity in a five-star hotel.


A stone's throw from the crib of civilization, the Forum Homini, a boutique hotel in Muldersdrift, is considered to be the start of the planet. This five-star hotel is tucked into a game estate, but it is mostly subterranean with cave accommodation that makes it distinctive. The stone walls are ornamented by man's past and the premature restaurant on-site Origins, dishes like squid tubes, noodles, and lamb far away.


On the Blue Train, ring for a butler.


One of the world's finest luxury trains, The Blue Train (actually two trains) provides a very convenient shuttle from Cape Town to Johannesburg. The en-suite rooms are just the beginning of burled forest and velvet. Feel free for any requests ranging from foie gras to a Cuban cigar to ring your personal butler.


Track Mattanu Private Game Reserve's giraffes and sand.


This family-run retreat is well-known for breeding in the open plains of the Northern Cape Province near Kimberley. The guests may engage in the monitoring, marking, and transportation of animals. Giraffes, roans, sand, impala, and buffalos roam – and if you hear heavy breathing from your canvas walls, you will get stunning at night.