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Minimalist Wholesale Eyelash Packaging – Where Less is More

Many companies attempt to create packaging that screams "attention here." Custom eyelash boxes with logo, bold typography and loud colors grasp the consumers' peripheral vision. Recently a shift in paradigm has been noticed. Packaging companies like The Legacy Printing are noticing Minimalist Packaging trends coming to the forefront. Minimalist packaging has successfully struck a balance between environmental concerns and the chic aesthetic of overt simplicity. Modern marketing and advertising practices are evolving with every passing day. The concept of standing out from the rest is oversaturated in the consumers' minds. For many years a successful packaging was a combination of loud colors and bold statements.  However, now the definition of successful packaging is diametrically opposing the older concepts.     

Even though many brands are diving deeper into the ocean of excessive advertising, many high-end brands avoid it altogether. TV ads are becoming old school. Advertising has shifted to alternate locations such as advertisements on mobile gaming zones are on the rise. Similar is the case with packaging. Packaging designs are steering towards a more simplistic form. When everything on the shelf is overly and complicatedly decorated and designed, suddenly simplicity becomes more conspicuous. In a desert of Technicolor visual insanity, a plain white, elegant wholesale eyelash box looks cool like an oasis.

In the coming years, a noticeable uptick is expected in simple designs. Elegant yet straightforward aesthetics will be a retreat from those mind-numbing onslaughts of colors and patterns.

Minimalist Packaging from the Environmental Aspect

Minimalist packaging is also playing a crucial role in reducing environmental impact. Many minimalist packaging designs utilize only one or two types of materials. It reduces not only visual content but also the materials involved in their creation. The reduced material utilization also leads to easy recycling and lesser landfill waste. As the minimalist packaging trends grow and evolve, the packaging of wholesale eyelash will become more simplified. This will bring significantly reduce the environmental impact. With the ever-increasing ecological concerns, the packaging companies are finding ways to minimize packaging waste as much as possible. They are finding new ways to reduce materials usage. The materials include paper stock, inks, labels, paints, and adhesives, etc.  Many packaging companies that have adopted a minimalist packaging mindset use two or fewer colors in their designs. Those consumers who encourage environmentally-friendly practices will become the top contenders of minimalist packaging. It will only be achieved by using high contrast color choices along with fewer variations of color combinations.

Into the Future of Minimalist Custom Eyelash Boxes With Logo

Minimalist packaging is climbing the ladder towards its fame. From straight forward, attractive aesthetics to a particular flair of modernization, minimalist packaging attracts today's consumers in ways that are much opposed to the more effective prevalent forms of bold design. Minimalist packaging promises to grow into many facets of the packaging industry. It will be a blend of high contrast visual dynamics, typography, simplicity, and recyclable materials. If you plan to stand out from the over-saturated advertising and modern packaging supplies of custom eyelash boxes with logo, then minimalist packaging is the right option for you. This packaging is not only cost-effective and environmentally friendly but is also unique. In 2020, environmental concerns have become the focal point of the packaging industry. As for how long this specific packaging trend will continue to grow; only time will tell. However, considering the growth of minimalist packaging, it appears that it will only continue to grow in the future.