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Mechanical Keyboard Black Friday

This COVID-19 pandemic created a new opportunity for normal people to turn into a gamer. And lots of people took that and built a gaming PC. I also did it in July 2020. You are locked at your house, can’t get you to see your friends or have a drink at the weekend. So people find playing games is one of the best options as entertainment. Thus we saw a rise in the gaming computer category in spite of economic slowdown everywhere. Have a Mechanical Keyboard Black Friday.

Now we often choose the CPU and GPU first and spend most of the money there. I agree they are the backbone of a gaming PC. But generally, we don’t want to spend on a good keyboard or mouse. Although your GPU can run 4K games at 60 FPS what about your performance? That’s why we are here to guide you to get a good mechanical keyboard in this Mechanical Keyboard Black Friday 2020 sale.

Here are some of the key features or specs you need to check before you get a mechanical keyboard for gaming.

  • Key Type: As you know keys are the heart of a gaming keyboard. The better the keys are the better your performance will be. There are different types of keys you can found on various gaming keyboards like omnipoint switch, optomechanical switch, linear switch, cherry MX brown switch, and lot more. Among them, omnipoint and the optomechanical are the best. They provide the quickest response amongst others.
  • Actuation: This is directly connected with the switch. Just remember one thing – the lower the actuation is the better the response will be. So you should look for a keyboard which has low actuation around 1.2mm and below this. You will get as low as 0.4mm with Steelseries Apex pro which is our recommendation is this Black Friday 2020 sale. You can even set actuation for each separate key which is great.
  • Connectivity: Generally you connect through USB to the CPU. What we recommend is to have at least 2 USB passthrough. And if those are USB 3.0 then would be great. The benefit of having a USB passthrough port is that you can connect any USB device to the keyboard and it will work seamlessly. So you don’t need to go to the back of the CPU every time you want to connect a device.
  • Macros: It’s a very essential thing that is a gaming keyboard. Macros generally let you control media play/pause, volume control, and lots of other things. Some keyboards even let you customize the macros as per your need. And believe me, these switches ill turn out absolute game-changer during your gaming. So please don’t buy a gaming keyboard that doesn’t have macro keys.

I believe the above parameters will definitely help you to choose the best mechanical keyboard. As discussed, Steelseries Apex Pro is the best as per our choice. But there are some great quality keyboards by Razer, Corsair, and Das you can definitely check. Obviously, the Steelseries or razer cost you more than others are worth every penny. And in case you are on a tight budget, there is an option for you even around $50 which performs great according to their price point. so have a close eye on Black Friday Deals. I think if you read this article about mechanical keyboard then you will understand each and every single point about mechanical keyboard but if you are still having some doubt and questions in your mind then you can feel free to ask me through below comment sections.


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