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Let’s admit it! When we talk about home decoration, one of the very few things that cross our minds is trees. They have grown to be extensively popular these days. You will find two types of trees in the market, one is real & the other one is fake. 

Now, when we think about decorating our houses with trees, our minds always get confused. Because there has always been a debate on whether we should get artificial plants or stick to real plants for home decor purposes. If you too are confused about it, sit back & relax. In this article, we will try to discuss a few things about ‘Live vs fake tree for home decor.’ So, let us jump straight into the details.

Care & maintenance

First things first. People are very busy nowadays & thus, the main issue for them does not have a green thumb. Decorating your home with live trees is nice if you can take care of them. 

Without your care and proper maintenance, they will not be able to survive at all. You will need to ensure that your live plants are getting sufficient water and sunlight from time to time. 

It is really a hassle for many. Contrastingly, fake trees are fantastic in these terms because they need no or very little maintenance. It is a big plus for busy people. So, in this sector, fake trees get one point.


The second thing that we are going to talk about is appearance. When it comes to appearance, nothing comes close to the live trees. They are beautiful because they are the Almighty Creator’s creation. 

But no matter how good looking your real plant is at the time of buying, and it will never be the same if you don’t take proper care of it. You will need to ensure it’s getting sunlight & you will have to water it regularly. You will also have to take care of it if it gets diseased. You will have to do a lot to keep it looking beautiful, or else it will eventually end up in your bin.

On the contrary, fake trees are not the same as natural ones, but yes, we cannot underestimate them.

 Because quality faux plants are so realistic nowadays that it’s tough to tell which one is real & which one is fake. And the biggest plus point is, you will not have to worry about taking care of them to maintain their looks. They will not get diseased & they will be the same even after a long time. So, fake trees get another point in this sector too. List of house plants

Expense difference

Well, the upfront cost of fake trees can be high. But this cost is like a one-time investment. We will tell you why. When you buy an artificial tree, you may need to pay for a planter only.

 In the case of real trees, the upfront cost might be less & the expense of pot might be the same as well. But after two years, you will need another large pot to accommodate your tree’s growth. Besides all this, you will have to spend money on your real trees for feeding purposes.

 And feeding is not needed for artificial plants. So, we can see that a fake plant's overall expense is lesser than that of a real one. Therefore, fake trees get another point in this sector too.


From the three perspectives discussed above, we can easily conclude that a fake tree is a winner in every sector. The rest is now up to you. We hope you enjoyed reading this comparison. 

If you have got an opinion to share with us, please feel free to comment down below. Thank you for reading!