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Learn About The Multifaceted Kora Silk Saree



There are numerous types of silks available today. You do not have to wait patiently to own a beautiful silk sarees anymore. Simply glance at the stock of your favourite showroom and you are going to be hooked well and proper. Thankfully not all silken materials worn today are exorbitantly expensive. In fact, you will be delighted with the latest kora silk sarees that happen to be extremely light weight and incredibly soft on the skin. The classic sheen lends a regal air that is hard to come by in other material. Surprisingly, it is affordable as well and provides you with the opportunity of looking like a Queen without wiping out your savings. It would certainly help you to check out the facts pertaining to Organza silk that is an alternative term for the kora silk. 

Creation of Kora

The initiation of Kora is done by twisting different kinds of silk yarns along with filaments. Nylon and polyester is then added to the yarn gently to improve its tensile strength i.e. its capability of being stretched. 

Kora Silk Speciality

You just cannot hope to buy Kora cotton silk sarees without knowing anything about what makes them so special. It suffices to know that the famous Kovai Kora cotton saree is woven out of Kora or Organza silk too. Coimbatore located in Tamil Nadu is most popular of such spectacular sarees. The Government has recognized the area with a GI tag that associates the name of the region with this unique weave of silk sarees. 

Origin of Organza Silk Sarees

While there are multiple regions across India made famous for weaving a particular of silk saree, the Kora silks usually come from Varanasi or Benaras in UP. Surprisingly, the sheen appears to be dull as compared to other varieties of silk sarees. However, it is this kind of saree that has managed to capture attention big time with its unique smooth or coarse texture and off beat designs. 

Other uses of Kora silk sarees

True, a woman would not want to part from her organza silk ever. However, you are in for a surprise here! Apart from the garment retailers, business owners in the interior decor and furnishing industries cannot keep their eyes of Kora silk either. A single Kora silk in captivating colours can be utilized as drapes to keep the sunlight out or add a touch of class to the interiors. Likewise, many home makers take pride in using a beautiful organza silk saree as a bed spread as on top of the centre table. 

Kora Silk Sarees Distinctive Design

Do not feel hesitant to put that Kora silk saree online into your shopping cart at the earliest. You are likely to be drawn to the lovely design created by interweaving cotton and silk threads alternately. Not only is the skill of the local craftsman totally enticing but the cotton threads happen to be of a superior quality too. The pallu is at the centre stage of this saree that is woven with utmost care without failing to include a part of the tradition alive.