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Installation Procedure For The Wi-fi Range Extender?

Extender helps improve your router's wi-fi signals. Wifi extender provides a high degree of internet access. This extender also offers AC dual-band Wi-Fi up to 750mbps. There is no need to uninstall the existing Wifi routers that function better with any router. The extender is seen as the best choice for streaming and gaming in full HD. In the dead zones of your local area, you can enjoy high-speed internet. You can customize your system using two separate techniques. So, let's start without wasting your time.


By manual process, let's set up your wifi range extender:


  1. Switch on your extender first of all. Near to your router, put your extender. 
  2. Assure that extender gets full power supply.
  3. Wait until your power LED turns orange, and then attach your main router to your extender.
  4. Then open the web browser and access the login page of the wifi range extender by navigating to
  5. Then follow the screen options and connect to your mywifiext local with your current wifi network.
  6. After setting up the extender, put your extender in a new area between the router and your router and the bad wifi signal area.
  7. Shift the extender closer to your WiFi router if there is no connectivity or bad connectivity and try again before and until the LED light status turns White.
  8. The final stage of the wifi range extender is to detect the best position for your extender and then link your wifi network to the gadget users.


So this is the manual way for Mywifiext setup, to enjoy high internet speed in your local area and start streaming in HD quality and enjoy gaming. In case you face any issue or trouble in the installation of extender contact our highly experienced experts.


Configure Wi-Fi range extender using WPS Method:

  1. Place the extender next to the router.
  2. Connect the extender with the computer. 
  3. Enable your computer's web browser
  4. In the address bar of your internet browser, type
  5. Sign in by using the name of your client and the code word
  6. Displays the Status page
  7. Snap or tap Setup > Do More > Connect to Device (WPS)
  8.  Displays the Connect Devices (WPS) page
  9. Find the Pin Number radio button
  10. In the sector, type the PIN of the wifi gadget.
  11.  After that, press NEXT
  12. Then, the WPS PIN is associated.
  13. Select Settings > Connected Devices to check that your Wifi gadget is connected with your Extender Wifi Organizer. not Working?

Users need to access in order to complete the wifi range extender setup, but users are often unable to access Since does not function, users can not perform the setup process due to an error. is not like a standard website, it is a web address used for installation wifi range extender. You can use the web address to perform a variety of tasks: setting up the wifi extender, configuring the extender, or making technical improvements to your extender. We'll learn how to fix this problem in this article.

Troubleshoot measures to solve not working issue:

  1. In the same room, locate both your router and the extender.
  2. Check your extender to ensure it is connected to the electrical outlet.
  3. If your Extender has a 'PC to Extender LED' or 'System to Extender LED' then check and ensure the LED is working and lit. If not, unplug both sides of your Ethernet cable and wait a while and plug it back in.
  4. launch the internet browser and enter your extender's default address.
  5. If you still have a problem, try restarting your web browser.
  6. Assigning your computer a static IP address

These steps are simple and will allow you to set up your extender, and after that, compared to other routers, you will be able to increase the range of your wifi extender with double bandwidth.

How can I  access the login page

The best way to access the page is wifi range extender setup through this webpage. Mywifiext opens the configuration page to adjust the default settings in the case of an existing extender. Steps for logging into the

All you have to do to get access to the login page is:

  1. Plugin the extender into an electrical socket.  
  2. Enter the address bar with the default IP address.
  3. Try using a different web browser if you are still unable to log in to the website.
  4. Call us at a toll-free number in case of any problems and we will be happy to assist you out.

Our skilled technicians are still getting you out of whatever situation you are currently facing. You can immediately call directly to discuss your problems or you can email us that we will soon get back to you and address your problems within a short period of time.