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10 Ways to Improve your Routers speed

If you buy a good router, they can increase your internet connection speed to some extent. If you want to increase your router speed, you need to optimize your router with the help of settings to get faster Internet. 


10 Ways to Improve your Routers speed


Today we will tell you how to speed up any router. You have to follow the below options:


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1. Automate A Reboot Schedule


Rebooting the router is essential for getting a better internet. However, new generation routers do not need to reboot. If your Internet is running slow or is giving too many internet problems, then rebooting is an excellent option. It closes your router and opens it automatically in a short time, which gives your internet signal again, and they start working well. To reboot, you are given two options like DD-WRT and Tomato firmware; you can do this once a day.


2. Make Your Router Faster With A New Antenna


You can buy a new antenna to increase the speed of your router. An amplified aftermarket antenna is a better option for you, which increases the quality of your router signal and is a more straightforward method. The amplified aftermarket starts at $10 to $15.


3. Disable Older Wireless Protocols


If you are using a new router, then it gives you the facility of 802.11ac protocol, with the help of which you get the benefit of ISP services with more capacity. If your router uses an old protocol such as 802.11g, your network will slow down due to this outdated protocol. Consult with your router documentation to know and fix your router's protocol.


4. Change the Channel Width


If you want to improve your network's speed, you need to change your local system's settings. If you are a streamer, you need to change the width of your channel. If your channel width is greater than the older protocol will dominate it continuously.


 5. Your Router is Updated


It is also necessary to update the router periodically to increase the speed of the router. Only then will you get the latest features. And your software and firmware will run in the newest way. By the way, it is safe to update, as well as if you do not correct, then your router may slow down very much. You get incremental benefits by updating the router.


6. Experiment with Router Location


To take advantage of the Internet's high speed, you must choose the best router settings and search where to place the router. You will have to choose a place where your router signals keep coming from all over the house. It competes with other 2.4GHz and 5GHz devices, plus you have to choose the right location where walls do not block your signal.


7. Optimize your Router's Channel Settings


We will tell you how you can customize the channel settings to speed up your router. You can easily change the channel for your router. With the help of many tools are available, which are free. They will help you to choose the best medium. Then you can easily change the channel by going to the settings of the router. You will come to use it with the help of an online help page. And then know how you can get the best WiFi channel for your router.


8. Switch the Router to a Different Brand


There will be many wireless appliances in your house. Many routers are available in the market, and with dual or tri-band routers, you can easily separate them and increase the speed. The idea is that you are easily separating the network traffic and opening up the rest. This method is suitable for everyone. If you have a dual-band router, you can compete for space in your 2.4GHz band and assign the 5GHz band.


9. Change your SSID Name and Password


Even today, many people use the router's default username and password. It's wrong because someone can hack your WiFi network. It would be best if you changed the password of your WiFi so that no one hacker can hack your password. The way you separate devices into different bands, you change channels for high traffic duration; similarly, you should change your password too. It could also be that your neighbors hack your password and watch movies with fun.


10. Install the New Firmware


Many times people keep the router dummy-proof so that no one can spoil anything. It is also suitable for most people. Sometimes you want to overview. You want to hack for some time as long as you are not running the router. Its price is many more than its tag.


So now you must have understood how to speed up any routers. You have to take steps according to all these steps so that you can enjoy the better Internet.