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What is the importance of Logo Design for enterprises?

Regardless of the activity of any company, a logo is a must for the formation of its corporate identity. The logo or logotype, which has been frequently confused with the concept of emblem, is actually a letter and symbol integrity that is created to distinguish products, services or companies from each other and integrates with the identity of the company. In the years when the emblem was first used, it was prepared using only visual characters to distinguish the company names, especially for illiterate people, today the logo is prepared using both letters and visual symbols that indicate the corporate identity. 


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What is Corporate Identity?

Corporate identity is the name given to all forms of representation of a company and it is the most important promotional tool that strengthens the company’s presence and awareness in the sector, separates the company from its competitors, and creates the face of the company in the field of advertising and promotion. While establishing the company, a well-prepared corporate identity study helps the institution to be branded and recognized in a short time, it ensures that it is one step ahead of its competitors, and that the company provides accurate information to potential and existing customers about its products and services. The most important stage in creating corporate identity is designing a logo. While designing a logo, logo design professionals, consistent, reflective and well thought-out logos should be used.

According to the Tattoo Design Inc, it doesn’t matter how big or small your company is. Having a logo is now mandatory to compete in this competitive era. Since the logo will be the corporate identity of your company from now and on, working with an expert organization while designing the logo will always benefit you as a successful return on investment. Considering the big companies that have changed their logos after 40-50 years and that the products bearing their old logo are offered for sale with special design in a limited amount, the importance of logo will become even more understandable. The most important point to be considered when designing a logo is the originality of the logo. What do you think?

Logo Progress Process

While designing a logo, you can use existing fonts for your company’s name or make a brand new design. However, it should be kept in mind that handwritten fonts are not readable in print and look very confused. At this point, trying to be original and suing different fonts in your logo can be harmful in terms of retention. The logo of your company, which you can use anywhere you can think of, should be simple and catchy. Your logo can give maximum information about your company and your field of activity at first glance and can be easily understood by a wide audience other than your potential customers. However, a logo should consist of as few colors as possible and motto of your company, whose colors are related to the services or products of your company. It should be a logo that reflects your vision and spirit.

Considering that your logo will be used in many places for many years, it should look the same in all kinds of printing and cutting techniques. The texts and symbols should not disappear when printed very small. It should be clearly readable on every surface and in all sizes, and also in terms of colors. 

Why to Consider Expert for designing a logo?

Considering such things, experts and logo designers preferably use vector drawing techniques. Logo designing should be done while your company is established. Changing or designing a logo afterwards will result in a much more expensive advertising and public relations activity. While buying a logo or getting a customized logo from an agency, the needs and requests of your company are evaluated, main idea is created in logo design and the project phase starts. Getting a logo from an agency is worth considering because creating a logo needs professional and expert approach. 

Designing a logo requires a long time and effort. If the designer does not understand you, and you do not understand the designer, all efforts will be wasted. Professional agencies know how to transform your ideas into a catchy logo, so you can rely on such agencies.