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Importance And Contributions of Microscope in Biology




Microscopes are the magical instruments that enable us to see the things that we can’t see through the naked eyes. It helps us to explore the micro world. If we talk about biology or the medical field it is one of the most important tools to unfold the unseen secrets of nature.

It is the most important tool to discover the microorganism; it helps doctors and scientists to understand the smallest part of a plant, fungi, and humans. These days’ doctors rely on these tools to get positive and negative reports for any disease.  

Let us take an example of malaria. Because of the help of the microscope blood cells are tested thoroughly under the tool and a clear diagnosis is made. They are quite helpful to get accurate results.

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Working of a Microscope

It uses simple small refracting lenses, X-rays, Infrared rays, and electrons to see the viruses that are smaller than blood cells, microscope enlarges the view of the virus and helps doctors and scientists to develop the cure for infectious diseases.

They magnify the image with quality resolution so that they can be studied thoroughly. Without the existence of such devices, these studies are impossible to carry out. 

So for the medical field, these devices are not less than a blessing. It not only contributes to research but besides this it helps students to understand the complexity of nature as well. We deal with all types of microscopes and can help you to Buy student microscopes.

Microscopes are the backbone to study biology. They are widely used in molecular biology and histology.

Use of Microscopes in Molecular Biology

Molecular biology is the study of life on a molecular level. It primarily deals with the study of genetics which requires a thorough study of the molecular world and if someone wants to go into the depth they need to have fluorescent microscopes.

They are equipped with incredible optical systems to make electrophoresis and PCR.


These microscopes provide accurate and high-quality imaging that is helping to widen the research scopes in the field of molecular biology.

Use of microscopes in Histology

Histology is the study of cells and everyone is aware that human eyes are unable to see the cellular world. Histology needs to have following microscopy

  • Brightfield: In this microscopy, light is focused on specimen or stain through a condenser lens and then brought to the eyes with the help of an ocular lens.
  • Phase Contrast: Condenser lens is used to visualize the differences of refractive indexes of cells and tissues.
  • Fluorescence: Uses light to focus on a very specific stain. 

Microscopes are also helpful in magnification and high-resolution imaging of specimens. In histology, they are quite useful for Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM) and Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM).

Major Contributions

  • The development of light and electron microscopes has enhanced the research scopes on cells for researchers.
  • These instruments are efficient and easy to use plus they help to study three-dimensionally.
  • They magnify the tiny cells to observe them accurately. There are a plethora of infectious diseases that are cured with the help of such instruments.
  • Microscopes are capable of producing images of molecules and atoms so that they can be studied with accuracy.
  • Electron microscopes are more powerful and have advanced capabilities.
  • Many discoveries on cell structures were made with the use of microscopes after 1950.

No-one can deny the contribution of microscopes in the field of biology. They are incredible instruments with amazing capabilities. They made studies of complex life structures easy for researchers, scientists, doctors, and students.

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