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Let Us Guide You How To Protect iPhone X Screen

Phones are not just a gadget, they are a necessity these days. They are an important part of life and the features they offer make life so much easier. There are many brands that manufacture smartphones these days but Apple is one that leads this market. The elusive line of iPhones, iPads, and MacBooks produced by Apple are known for their immaculate quality and exclusive hardware and software that make them one of a kind. However, all this exclusiveness and luxury comes at a steep price and this is the reason the Apple iPhone is one of the most expensive smartphone series out there. Therefore, it makes sense naturally that you should protect your iPhone and iPhone X screen in the best manner possible to keep the value and integrity of your phone intact.

Regardless of what brand you own, protecting your phone is important. But the reason it becomes absolutely essential with an Apple iPhone, such as the iPhone X, is because of the very high repair costs. Just the iPhone X screen replacement can cost you hundreds of dollars, a cost that you can avoid by simply protecting your phone and making sure it is not damaged in any way.

In this blog post, we highlight three effective methods that you can use to protect your iPhone X screen.

Screen Protectors

Despite being equipped with tough and durable glass, all phone screens are, well, glass after all. This means that there is a high likelihood of the glass screen being damaged, cracked, or otherwise shattered when your iPhone falls or takes a hit. The best way to prevent this is to apply a screen protector to your iPhone X screen. What screen protectors do is they add an extra layer of protection on your iPhone that protects it against scratches and other damage.

There are two types of screen protectors that you can apply on your iPhone: plastic screen protectors that protect against scratches, and tempered glass protectors that protect against scratches as well as cracks and other damage. We recommend that for the best protection, you should use a tempered glass protector on your iPhone.

We know that the feel of the screen no longer remains the same after adding a screen protector, but there are a variety of thin and durable protectors available out there that protect your phone without compromising much on the overall look and feel. There are a variety of iPhone X screen protectors available in the market and you can choose one that best suits your preferences. There are some thick and heavy-duty glass protectors out there that can protect against even the most devastating falls, or there are others that blend in well with your phone’s design but might not offer the same level of protection. Therefore, you should pick one that you feel is the best for your iPhone X.

Case Covers

Another excellent method of protecting your smartphone is to apply a case cover on your iPhone X. Even though case covers are applied to the body of your phone, they still offer protection for your phone’s screen. The benefit is that they can help you protect both the back glass and front screen from all sorts of scratches and damage.

As with screen protectors, there is a huge variety of case covers available out there for the iPhone X. There are bumper cases that are typically water-resistant and shockproof and can protect your iPhone from all sorts of damage. They do this by having thick edges and a shockproof design that absorbs most or all of the damage when your phone hits the ground or another surface. These bumper cases though are quite hefty and heavy so they might not be for everyone. As an alternate to bumper cases, you can also apply a silicon cover or plastic cover to your iPhone X (transparent or otherwise). These are typically not as hefty as bumper cases so don’t affect the overall aesthetics of your phone though they are not as resistant and shockproof as bumper cases. Applying a silicon case still leaves your phone prone to damage from falls but even then some protection is better than none.

Taking Good Care Of Your iPhone

Even if you have all the protective accessories in place, your phone can never be 100?mage-proof and there is always the risk of breaking your screen after a fall or bend. Therefore, the most effective method is to take good care of your iPhone. Here are some tips on how you can keep your phone protected against damage:

  • Avoid putting your iPhone in the same pocket or place as your keys and other sharp objects.
  • Avoid holding your phone with greasy/slippery hands where you can lose your grip on the phone.
  • Avoid keeping your phone in the back pocket of your pants since it can lead to your screen breaking or bending if you forget to take out your iPhone before sitting.

Final Words

An iPhone X is one of the best smartphones out there today but even the elusive iPhone is prone to damages and scratches. The best way to protect against these is to take good care of your phone, but you can always apply protective accessories such as screen protectors or case covers to make sure the damage is minimized.

However, even if your iPhone X screen does get damaged due to any mishap or accident, you can opt for iPhone repair Mississauga services to get your screen replaced at minimum costs. The benefit of choosing a third-party iPhone repair Mississauga service such as Esource Parts rather than Apple Care or authorized repairs is the quick turnaround time and lower costs of replacement.