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How to improve your spoken English?

Writing, reading and listening are skills that you can work on on your own but speaking is an activity that you need to practice with another person.

But what if you don't know anyone who speaks English? What if you don't have time? Or are you not confident to practice with a native speaker?

Do not worry, improving speaking is easier than it seems and also, without having to depend on another person.

Here, we give you 10 techniques that can help you with a little patience and time. Discover them!


1. Lose the fear of speaking in English

You have to know how to relax and not be afraid of making mistakes. These will help you at another time.

 2. Change your way of thinking

Try to think in English in everyday situations, so you will practice the language and stop using Spanish. It seems difficult, but it is practical!

3. Read aloud

As a general rule, when we start to study English, fluency in speech is poor, but the solution is simple.

Practice with a topic that you like and read about it for a while, so you will gain vocabulary and fluency without even realizing it.

4. Talk to yourself and control your gestures

Who has not had a conversation in front of a mirror? With this exercise you will control movement and language as you speak and it will help you develop the level of expression in conversation.

5. Audiobooks and songs

Audio books allow you to read the text at the same time as the speaker. In addition, they are also very practical to correct better pronunciation.

If you are one of those who do not get hooked on reading, you can try the songs. Today, thanks to the Internet, we have many song lyrics and their translations at hand.

Practice with them while listening to them. In this way, you will gain vocabulary and pronunciation.


6. Don't worry too much about grammar

Try the mirror exercise, but challenge yourself to speak without stopping or stuttering all the time.

Perhaps your sentences will not be grammatically perfect. But, if you focus on speaking fluently instead of thinking about grammar, you will still be understood and sound better.

Then you can use correct grammar when you learn the rules better.

7. Record yourself speaking

The best way to learn from mistakes is by  presenting yourself in English . Use your mobile and record yourself!

When you listen to yourself, you will know the difference between the way you express yourself and the correct way to do it.

8. Tongue twisters

Although it may be hard at first, try practicing with the tongue twisters. They are very fluent not only for speaking but also for listening comprehension. 

9. Study vocabulary

Learning and having a rich vocabulary is essential when studying a language. Knowing the meaning of words will help you form sentences and express yourself easily. 

10. Patience and practice

You must learn to be constant, with patience and practice it will be easy to improve your speaking. You just need the desire and some time.

We hope that with these tricks you can break that barrier towards Speaking. Remember that everything is the practice that you dedicate to it.

Also, if you want to complement it, at English Time School we help our students to improve their oral skills in English through Meeting Rooms where you can have conversations with other students and practice in a more fun way.