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Healthy Tips for long distance relationships

It is said that long-distance relationships are specific and require a certain amount of adaptation on the part of both partners. You must first believe in your story if you want it to be successful!

Here are the keys that can help you build a long-term and long-term relationship:

• You need to get rid of your limiting beliefs about long distance relationships!

In order for your long-distance relationship to be successful, you have to stop thinking that it won't work. You shouldn't listen to all these negative people around you. Because, no one can know what is good for you except yourself!

Instead of having doubts right off the bat, read testimonials from people for whom the long-distance relationship has worked. Or, share your experiences with people who have the same points of view and interests as you, with those who are in the same situation as you. Or read inspiring books.

A lot of people have judgments about this type of relationship. But, don't let them spoil your mood and your confidence in the long-distance relationship. This kind of relationship can be successful; you just need a little more effort and faith!

• You need to trust yourself and your partner!

Having trust is the key to a healthy relationship. What can be frustrating in a long distance relationship is not knowing what is going on on the other side.

But, what you absolutely must stop doing is to make ideas!

Even in a normal relationship, you can't always know where your partner is and what he / she is doing!

Trusting your partner helps you avoid hurting yourself by imagining negative things and scenarios.

Trust him because it will allow you to remain calm.

I do not advise you to use spy techniques at all because mature people never use them!

So it is better to trust your partner completely. There is always a risk that he / she will cheat on you. If that ever happens, at least you'll know it's not your fault and that you fully believed in your long-distance relationship and your partner!

• Keep in touch and communicate a lot with your partner!

Just like trust, communication is very important in a long distance relationship. A couple who don't communicate well enough may break up over time.

Since in a long-distance relationship, hugs and kisses are out of reach, use means of communication, such as whatsapp and if possible share romantic quotes, shayari image.

Phone each other as much as possible.

Send messages to wish your partner a good day or good night. Do not hesitate to send him a beautiful love letter or small gifts (a bouquet of flowers, a chocolate box, etc.).

Keeping in touch with your partner is of enormous importance because it allows you to maintain an emotional connection.

When you talk with your partner, tell him / her about all your events of the day, talk with him / her about your fears, your joys, your defeats.

Have fun, quirky conversations too. All of this can only help you strengthen your relationship!

• See the positive side of the long distance relationship!

Love from a distance is not as bad as you might think. He has a lot of good sides.

For example, if you are in a long distance relationship, you can take more care of your personal projects.

You can organize your schedule however you want. You will have time to be physically active, to concentrate fully on your studies, to relax, to go out with your friends, to spend time with your family, etc.

We must recognize that when we are not geographically separated from our partner, we surrender completely to him. We often neglect the activities named above which can contribute enormously to our personal development.

Distance can positively impact your relationship. It can also be part of the tests that will only strengthen your relationship!

• Keep the desire alive!

Physical proximity in a couple is essential. When the long-distance relationship is at the rendezvous, the lack of physical contact can be very difficult for both partners.

In this case, do not hesitate to use all the advantages of new technologies. These can help you fill that void almost entirely.

Feel free to send SMS, photos or even erotic videos. Of course, be careful to never show your face in these photos.

Because, even if you are happy with your partner today, he / she can broadcast them a few years later if you break up!


• Organize regular reunions!

The long-distance relationship can be successful, but it is still necessary to organize a reunion and spend time with your partner.

You will need to be very patient. However, this patience must not be in vain and it must lead to something more concrete!

Organize for example your next vacation or a romantic weekend with your sweetheart.

When two lovers only see each other a few times a year, living together can already seem like a sort of vacation!

Thus, the fact of organizing a reunion regularly can allow you to be more accomplices and to get closer!

There are no rules for long distance couples and their reunion. But, in order for your long distance relationship to be truly successful, try never to be in the dark. Always plan a reunion date.

This way, you set a clear goal. You will feel more calm and secure because you will know that your long-distance relationship makes sense!

• Have the same outlook for the future!

If you have fallen in love / fallen in love with someone who does not live in the same city or country as you, it is very important that you have a common vision for the future.

It is also important to have the same plans for the future. Because, it is only in this way that your long-distance relationship can be completely successful!

Do not hesitate to speak with your partner about joint projects. Do you want to travel together? Have children ? To change job ? Create a business for two? It's always a good idea to dream with your partner!

This allows you to discover the interests of your other half and to get to know him / her better.

• Surprise your partner!

To make your reunion even more beautiful, do not hesitate to surprise your Husband or wife by making an unscheduled visit from time to time.

You can also react as if you were there from a distance. For example, have her delivered flowers, buy her a gift online, or write her a beautiful letter to say "I miss you" !

In a long-distance relationship, you have to be able to show your other half that their happiness is your top priority. This is how you will strengthen your relationship.

Show her that you want to take the initiative to create a stable relationship and to make the most of it!

8 Things Only Long-Distance Couples Can Understand:

1. In the beginning, a long distance relationship can be very exciting. Everything is new, atypical and surprising.

2. It's a simple way to keep your independence and your little habits.

3. After a while, a certain weariness may set in.

4. Separation from a loved one can be very difficult.

5. We wonder a lot about our desires, our needs, our desires, if we are ready to enter into such a relationship, etc.

6. Lack of life is almost always hard to bear.

7. When we are in a long distance relationship, we cannot avoid tension and conflict.

8. Going from a long-distance relationship to a normal one can be problematic and should be done smoothly.


To conclude, distance in a relationship isn't as much of a problem as you might think. You just need to know how to behave and have common plans and goals.

You should also show determination and optimism and put a lot of effort into turning the temporary long distance into a long-term love affair.