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Frozen 2: an overview | Frozen II movie review | Frozen

Frozen 2 is an animated movie from Disney, released in 2019 which serves as a sequel to the 2013-animated flick Frozen. Both equally successful and high-grossing, the movie follows princesses Anna and Elsa and their quest to bring peace back to their kingdom, peace that has been disturbed due to mysterious reasons. The Frozen saga has become a mainstay in children’s animated movie list and has proved to be immensely profitable for Disney; with the media giant earning an eye-watering $100 billion or more from the franchise total run, which includes all the merchandising, soundtracks and movie sales.

Primarily popular with toddlers and young girls, Frozen 2 in particular brings a lot of new characters and story arcs to the table, all the while building even more on the solid character design and depth from the first Frozen. The sequel was well-received and grossed at a whopping $1.5 billion on a budget of $150 million. This translates the franchise into being one equally loved by children, fans and shareholders alike; as stated beforehand, just the Frozen franchise has earned Disney more than a $100 billion, which is an investor’s wildest dream come true.

Frozen 2 movie plot

The sequel follows the sisters and princesses Anna and Elsa, who are joined by Kristoff, the anthropomorphic snowman Olaf and Kristoff’s reindeer Sven and their attempts to being back the peace to their kingdom after it was disturbed accidentally by Elsa when she sought to respond to a mysterious voice that was calling her out in the forest. The movie sees the five going on an adventure that takes them away from their kingdom and into the forests beyond, to save their kingdom which faces peril due to the disturbance and in the meanwhile, discovering the true source of Elsa’s magical powers. 

When the five leave Arendelle (their kingdom), they set out to restore the four spirits that had previously maintained the balance (fire, air, earth, water). During the course of trying to tame these spirits, the two sisters uncover dark truths about their grandfather’s apparently friendly gesture towards a neighbouring village and how Elsa got her magical powers. At the climax of the movie, Anna uses the Herculean Earth spirits to break down the historic dam to set Elsa free from the ice. At the end of the movie, Anna becomes the new queen of the kingdom of Arendelle and Elsa takes up the mantle of being the protector and guardian of the Enchanted Forest; both meet frequently since the peace has been restored and everybody lives happily ever after, like it always happens in every single Disney movie.

How to watch/ download Frozen 2 online 

The movie was released back in November 2019, so it is very unlikely that you will find a cinema playing it or any other movie-viewing establishment that will host a preview of Frozen 2 for kids. And since Netflix isn’t very much suitable for kids below 18, so, Netflix is out. You only have 2 choices then: one involves buying the CD and the other one involves putting on a hat, and becoming a swashbuckling pirate and chart the treacherous waters of filesharing websites that host peer-to-peer file sharing services. If you’re the faint-hearted one and can’t be bothered with the absolute task of swimming through a dozen different ‘Download Now’ buttons and ads which are suspiciously of the PG-18 nature, you’ll take the safe but costly route of buying the Blu-Ray disk or simply purchasing it online. With the introduction of Disney+, its actually become easier for movies like Frozen and Frozen 2 to be viewed online, and since they operate on a monthly subscription basis, you could end up saving a lot of money. 

The added benefit of using streaming sites like Disney+ is that aside from watching movies like Frozen 2, you can also watch other animated movies from the Disney studios and other shows like ‘The Mandalorian’ and other really great shows, on a monthly payment. So, there’s that.

If you do not want to spare a penny for these already wildly-rich corporations, you can take the less scenic route and download the movie for free using a host of filesharing websites that provide peer-to-peer sharing. Just Google Frozen 2 torrent and you’ll be pirating in no time.