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7 Easy and Effective Hacks to Make Your Makeup Last All Day

It’s every woman’s dream to know the secret to make your makeup last all day long. We have all been a victim to this; you leave your home all dolled up only to return looking like a hot mess. Wouldn’t it be fantastic if you could walk back home looking as lovely as you did when you left in the morning?

Most women struggle trying to make their makeup stay put till day’s end. This includes frequent runs to the bathroom for touch-ups. But this can get tiring to the point where you let everything be because we understand how overwhelming it can be to retain your makeup for hours. We have decided to compile a beauty guide of Seven Easy and Effective Hacks to Make Your Makeup Last All Day.

Let’s break down some tips that we have gathered from experts to make your make up last all day long without having to reapply it.

1. Always Prepare Your Skin

The first and most important thing you need to do before applying makeup is prepping your face. This includes a thorough cleanse and exfoliating to remove dirt and dead skin cells. Prepping your face does an excellent job at providing a clean base for your makeup to cling on. It also helps you avoid creases and fine lines that appear during the day.

2. Use a Primer

Contrary to what some beauty experts might say, primers are great at making your makeup last for longer. They not only seal in your moisturizer but create an even and smooth surface for makeup. As a result, your makeup won’t be absorbed, but it will instead stay on your face for an extended period.

To get the most out of a primer, ensure you purchase one that blends with your skin type. It is advisable to buy two primers to apply to different parts of your face that exhibit varying characteristics. Also, don’t forget to prime your eyebrows as it will ensure your eyeshadow will last longer.

3. Choose Higher Quality Products (Foundations, Sponges and Brushes)

The most important tip we can offer when it comes to keeping your makeup on longer is to use quality products, such as sponges, brushes, and foundation. 

Using higher quality brushes for foundation application, alongside eyeshadows and blush as well.  High quality make up sponges will ensure your make up is well blended to last longer.


We can’t emphasize enough the importance of investing in the right foundation formula. For starters, we recommend an oil-free foundation that won’t easily come off your face.

Secondly, opt for a matte foundation instead of dewy; the latter happens to have a shorter application lifespan. As you shop for foundations, buy those that are formulated to last for at least 24 hours.

4. Make Sure to Use Foundation First, and Your Concealer Second

We always think that our concealer should go under our foundation.  However, it is the opposite.  Let us explain why.  Putting your makeup on top of your concealer will only move it across your skin, causing the need for more touch-ups. 

Applying makeup on top of concealer will only drag it across the skin, causing the need for an immediate touch-up. Rather, we recommend using your foundation first following your concealer's application under your eyes and on blemishes.

Putting your concealer above the foundation and then blending it to make sure it's even and matches will establish that everything stays on appropriately and longer.

5. Set Your Makeup with Powder

Well done on choosing an oil-free foundation. However, other makeup products are in liquid form. And this is where the powder comes in handy. Its role is to prevent liquid makeup products from slipping off or moving on your face.

When you apply some powder on your forehead, chin, under the eyes, and nose, you will prevent creasing and your makeup from oxidizing during the day. To get the most out of setting a powder, use a translucent one and apply it sparingly.

6. Avoid Touching Your Face

Applying makeup is like drawing art. You are always so careful so that you can do it right. If you or someone else interferes with your art, then it will look messy. Well, that’s what happens when you or someone else touches your face when you apply makeup.

The products will either be moved or cleared, and all your efforts will be in vain. So, if it’s possible, avoid touching your face for whatever reason, especially if you have heavy makeup on.

7. Use a Dry Sponge Instead of Blotting Papers

You may have heard that blotting papers are excellent at soaking up excess oils on your face. That’s true, but the downside of using these is that they do more harm than good. As they soak up oils on the front, they also take off some makeup with them.

It is forcing you to have to reapply it. All this can be avoided by buying a quality dry sponge that will soak up these oils by leaving your makeup intact.



Other Hacks You Can Do to Make Your Makeup Last All Day are:

  • Layer your lip products
  • Use waterproof products
  • Use Less makeup, it last longer
  • Use a setting Spray

Enjoy Your Stunning Makeup All Day Long

Whether you are spending the entire day at the office, in class, or with your loved ones, nothing beats having your makeup stay on your face all day long.

The freedom of walking around even in the hottest of days without worrying about your makeup slipping off is a luxury most women dream of. Well, you don’t have to fantasize about this anymore.

With the above ten tips, you can ensure your makeup products stay on your lips, eyes, skin, and entire face all day long without forcing you to perform touch-ups now and then.