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Drug Abuse among the Indian Youth

In this day and age, there is hardly any country in the world which is completely free from drug abuse. In fact, it is going out of control globally, and India is no exception. Nuclear family systems and growing population are some of the main factors affecting cultural and social values. Even women and younger children are not safe from drug addiction. It affects not only the addict, but also the entire family. Adolescents adopt this behaviour even after knowing the ill effects and consequences. The habits of substance use in older siblings, parents and people around also influence younger children. 


Media exposure is another major culprit. Drug use, alcohol and smoking portrayed in TV shows, movies and web shows by actors also romanticize addiction. They make them believe that substance use is completely normal to be accepted in an elite group or considered mature. In addition, students who fail constantly in exams are also vulnerable to substance use. The friend circle they develop in an academic environment increases their involvement in such activities, no matter how much the institution promotes morally ethical values and discipline in students. It’s time for schools to conduct control and prevention programs for children and their family. Robust and effective measures should be taken to develop the attitude towards adequacy and self-confidence. 


How Substance Abuse Easily Influences Teenagers? 

Let’s start from the beginning. How do most people fall into the loop of addiction? Maybe they want to fit in with their favourite group, get a high at the moment, or just to deal with stress, or due to all these reasons combined. They never know when this small dope becomes more important than anything in life and suddenly becomes an addiction. It is the stage when an addict thinks that he or she is completely fine at once and “there’s no way out” at another moment. 


But as I said, it’s just the beginning. 


Things get even worse when a teen is addicted. It’s the age when they are full of energy and over-expectations from their lives. They tend to be even furious when their rage to do something out of this world meets family pressure and restrictions. The moment they get even a bit of freedom, such kids often try some alcohol and/or drugs just to vent out their frustration or anger. 


Parents who are addicted or parents with troubled marriages are also responsible for getting their children into addiction. The broken family system is another major cause of children being influenced by substance. For their unfulfilled desire of companionship and love, children tend to get into alcohol and drugs. Luckily, India is a country where the tradition of joint families is still alive. This is the main reason to control the drug menace to some extent. 


Since we still believe in family-based society, it is easier than in other countries, to promote drug de-addiction on such a great level. India has only around 1% of divorce rate, which is the lowest in the world, as reported by Unified Lawyers.  Family involvement plays a great role to deal with drug addiction, as reported by the WHO. 


When there is a problem, there is a hope

Prof. Anju Dhawan, AIIMS, National Drug Dependence Treatment Centre explains several risk factors related to drug abuse among children, such as themselves, their family, friends’ circle, or school.  It is very important to work on the emotional competence of a child from the first day itself. You should be aware of them but you have to do more than just that. Schools should try building emotional and social flexibility. In simple words, they should teach how to deal with emotions and how to say no to negative behaviours without any mental pressure. 


When schools should teach the child about drug abuse and how to get rid of it, parents should also build emotional bonds with their children rather than just putting unnecessary pressure on them related to career and studies. However, adolescents are also naturally indulged to follow the trend, talk the way others talk, and want to look like others. If you look at it on a positive side, this pattern can also be helpful to cope with addiction, if they start living and bonding with like-minded people who also want to leave addiction. 


A lot of youths in India are addicted to substance and their number is growing more than ever before. Media should also stop saying that everyone is addicted to alcohol or drugs these days. They make children believe that trying these substances is completely normal. In fact, we should aware the youth that most of the population in India still live simple and sober lives. It can bring a great change. 


Laws should also be strict against the sales of alcohol and drugs to juniors. Schools should provide vocational training to keep the youth sober and busy in productive activities. 


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