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Dental Implants - What You Need to Know?

A missing tooth can leave you feeling self-conscious while talking, eating or smiling and may even lead to dental health problems that can get difficult to tackle. However, with dental implant procedure you can get your tooth replaced and restore your oral health condition. The biggest advantage of dental implants is that the procedure leaves you with a tooth that feels, looks as well as functions similar to that of a natural tooth. Read on to find out more about dental implant and its advantages.

Dental Implant-What is it?

Dental implants basically are artificial teeth 'roots' that are placed in the patient's mouth surgically. Made up of metallic (i.e. titanium) as well as ceramic (bone-like) materials, dental implants sit well on your jaw and fuse with the bone to provide support to bridge, full denture or crown. According to the American Academy of Periodontology (AAP) there are basically two different types of dental implants including endosteal implant and subperiosteally implant. While, endosteal implant is the most commonly offered procedures and is placed within the bone, the subperiosteally dental implant procedure is used for positioning the implant on the patient's bone. This procedure is adequate for patients whose bone height is inadequate or for those who cannot wear the traditional dentures.

Benefits of Implants

There are many advantages of dental implants such as:

  • They don't shift or slip, providing you with excellent security and stability, similar to that of natural teeth.
  • They can be easily cleaned and thus you are not required to take the implants out for soaking or cleaning.
  • Implants do not require any support from the neighboring teeth and hence there is no loss of tooth structure, as happens at the time of fabricating of bridge.
  • Dental implants ensure that the nearby teeth do not shift, thus preserving the jawbone as well as the face contour.
  • They are ideal cosmetic treatment for missing teeth and allow you to speak and chew with ease.


In a nutshell, if you have healthy gums and adequate bone for supporting an implant, then you can easily choose the dental implant procedure. However, even if you bone height isn't adequate for supporting the implant, then the dentist can build your jawbone before proceeding ahead with the procedure. It is advisable that you choose a reputed provider of dental implants such as Cosmodent India. Their team of expert doctors offer excellent advisory and services to provide you with cost-effective dental implant treatment.


Why should I choose dental implant over dentures?

People choose implants over dentures for functionality and cosmetic reasons. Most of the people choose implant because it enhances their appearance and does not require them to insert, clean or remove their dentures.

How much time will the implant treatment take?

Dental implant is basically a procedure that involves multiple steps. Typically, it may take a few months and after the implant has been placed, your surrounding tissues and jaw will require some healing time.

What is the Aftercare procedure for dental implant patients?

You will have to take care of your implants just like that of the natural teeth i.e. brush twice daily and floss. Also, visit your dentist regularly.