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What is a credit card checker and its types?

A credit card checker is usually a service that checks the status of a credit card. Why does such a tool exist? Because, well, people tend to forget about things, especially credit cards and other financial applications. This problem especially compounded after people started hoarding credit cards; as more and more banks began opening up debit card loans and a myriad of other credit-based incentives for the people to join in, people started using more and more credit cards and diversified their banks; if an average person in the 1980s owned one credit card, the average user in the 2010’s now has four credit cards, issued by different banks. Times have changed that much. Which is why credit card checker and its services exist.

As this industry grows, so do people use more and more diversified credit cards. And with more cards, people start losing track of their credit level, their debts, how much they owe on which card and the two things credit card checkers function on;

  1. Credit card validity
  2. Credit card authenticity

Both might look like similar terms and concepts, but the tools and the checking services operate differently for both, which is why we will handle them as separate credit card checker services.

What is a credit card checker?

A credit card checker is usually an online service that checks your credit cards on two parameters; their validity and authenticity. With more and more people losing track of their credit expenses and their credit cards, these services are becoming more and more relevant; they are especially popular with the older demographic, but that’s not to say younger people aren’t using it any less. 

In fact, a good majority of young people who use such services own three or more credit cards, which goes to show how time-consuming the process of keeping track of your credit card and the amount deposited in it every week can get, which again explains why these services have taken off.

You can learn more about credit card checkers and the best ones to use at Now, onto the difference between credit card checkers that check validity and the ones concerned with authenticity. 

Credit card checker- validity: There are a ton of credit card checker services on the internet that check the validity of the card. How do they check it? Like every other online credit card checker, it requires for the user to put in the 14-digit number displayed on the card. It then uses a database used by banking authorities themselves and combs the data the status of the card to ensure that the card is valid and has not expired yet. 

This is also very useful for applications wherein a roughly-used card, which can lose its engraving or lettering after the passage of three or four years, which then makes it hard for the user to ascertain whether the card is good to use or could get seized by the teller machine owing to it not being valid anymore. Therefore, to avoid this whole fiasco, it is better to determine if the card is valid or not; for that, you can acquire the services of a credit card checker that can check the total time the card is valid thru; and can tell you if the card is valid or invalid now.

Credit card checker- authenticity: Checking the authenticity of the credit card is equally important and is underscored by the fact that there are many credit card checkers online that can do that for you. With many scammers going about scamming people out of their savings by giving them fake and unauthentic credit cards, its good to have confirmation, especially if you’ve received such a card from a friend or a family member of yours. Its always good to have the confirmation of authenticity, that you’re not about to use a card that’s fake or has already been blocked by the issuing authority.

They operate on the same principle as the ones checking the validity; you put in the credit card number and the checker accesses a database that holds all the requisite details of the users and the card numbers that are authentic and the ones that the bank hasn’t issued yet. It can then generate a report whether the number you’ve entered is authentic or not. 

Are credit checkers safe?

The majority, yes. While it may seem incredibly irresponsible to fling out your credit card details on a random site on the internet, most of these sites are legit and will not divulge or misuse your credit information. With that being said, there are some unscrupulous sites that will sell information online and compromise your data; this usually results in your credit card data being out in the open for hackers to use. Always, therefore, use reputed sites for credit card checker services.