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All About Coronavirus peak & vaccine in India

India became the second most hit country by coronovirus, according to the data 25% Indians feel that the Modi government has to deal with the epidemic as its biggest failure. As now it is also spreading in rular area, so it is becoming very hard to fight with the pendamic, as in india most of states have worst health infrastructure. India is reporting daily more than 80,000 cases since 10th of September. On Sunday during the long social media interaction , the health minister Dr. harshwardhan turned away the questions about pandemic peaking in India, he said that different parts of the country were "at multiple trajectories". He also added in the conference that Large outbreaks in certain districts indicate an acute spread... only 10 states are contributing 77 per cent of active cases. If you see state-specific data, you will find that these cases are concentrated in few districts". As India is reeling under the first wave of coronaviruses and has failed to curb the increasing number of infected people, health experts have warned of another wave that could begin in the winter ahead of vaccine manufacture. Now india has total number of active cases has crossed 1 million and deaths are close to 90,000.

Dr. Vardhan also discussed the question of Kovid's vaccine, assuring the public that a candidate's test developed by Oxford University and pharma giant AstraZeneca, which had come to a halt after concerns over a participant's health, led to an "expert committee After the re-evaluation of "had resumed. The Serum Institute of India (SII), which has an agreement with the vaccine candidate developers for mass production, is also ready to resume its trials if it passes the test.  Last week, the minister said he would be the first to take the vaccine, once it is ready, to end the "trust deficit" on its efficacy.