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Buy Best Cell Phone Accessories: A Complete Guide to mobile Accessories

Smartphones are becoming an essential part of our day to day activities. From calling to other functions, the device has taken the place of many other gadgets. You can perform multiple tasks with a smartphone at a time. Along with its calling functionality, it allows its user to play games, media, capture images, video calling, etc. These smartphones are made for increasing our access to various digital facilities. However, some attachments enhance our user experience while using a smartphone. There is a variety of accessories that facilitates a user in accessing functions and protects the device from severe damage. You will find a glut of attachments in the market to choose from. Most of the users are confused about what accessories they should purchase from all. This article is a complete guide to mobile accessories. There is a brief discussion about the best cell phone accessories and some tips to buy the same.



A headphone is one of the best and useful accessories available in the market. Well, headphones do not need an explanation as we all are very used to with this accessory. We use headphones regularly to listen to music or any sound associated with videos or games. For instance, a headphone allows a user to access sound generated by audios, videos, or games on a smartphone without disturbing others. These headphones are easily compatible with most of the smartphones and enhance user experience. However, there are some factors you should consider while purchasing headphones.

  • Check Compatibility:As discussed earlier, headphones are compatible with most of the devices through a headphone jack. In case your device does not have a 3.5mm headphone jack, you cannot use a wired headphone with the same. You have to purchase wireless headphones that use headphones for connecting with the device.
  • Features:Headphone manufacturers are introducing new features every day. They claim to provide the best bass and sound quality for seamless performance. I suggest you purchase a headphone with the latest features for a better sound experience.


Back Cases:

Besides making your smartphone to look attractive, back cases are made to protect a device from getting severe damage. Smartphone manufactures are making glass and plastic backs for givingapremium look to the device. However, keeping it safe from severe damage is quite difficult. Back cases provide the utmost protection to the back and corners of a smartphone. In case you accidentally dropped your smartphone, the back case will protect the back housing of the device from damage. You must consider some important factors while purchasing a back case for your smartphone.

  • Durability:Protecting your smartphone is the primary purpose of a back case. So, make sure that the cover you are willing to purchase is of good quality and durable to absorb pressure on the device during an accident. I recommend you buy a rugged back case that has a TPU bumper on every corner for utmost protection.
  • Grip and Fit: A loose grip back case is a double-sided sword for your smartphone protection. Be aware that the case should not be made of slippery material for a better grip. Also, choose a case that perfectly fits on your device and can hold from all the corners.


Screen Protector:

Replacing a display after screen damage is an expensive affair, so protecting the screen is a good idea. Screen Protectors are intended to keep the phone’s display safe from damages, scratches, smudges, etc. There are different types of screen protectors that varies according to the degree of protection. TPU, PET, and Tempered glass are the three main types of screen protectors available in the market. However, smartphones come with corning gorilla glass protected screens, but you must purchase a screen protector for additional safety.

  • Sufficient Glue:Screen protector comes with an adhesive to fix on a smartphone’s screen. Most of the buyers faced a problem of low adhesive that lead to bubbles of the screen. I suggest you buy a screen protector of premium quality for the perfect fit on the smartphone.
  • Resistance: Cell phone accessory manufactures are offering dust, water, and scratch resistance along with protection from damage. For a clean and protected screen, you should purchase a screen protector that comes with the above-mentioned features.


Fitness Trackers and Smartwatches:

Fitness Trackers and Smartwatches are some of the most trending cell phone accessories. These gadgets allow you to perform various functions along with watching time. You track your steps taken, distance traveled, caloric burn, sleeping pattern, and can pick or drop calls as well. Meanwhile, you can also read messages and notifications of your smartphone on the watch. Most of the smartphone brands manufacture smartwatches for better compatibility with their cell phones. Smartwatches look very premium on the wrist and facilitate its user in accessing features of a smartphone. All you have to do is to consider some essential factors while purchasing a smartwatch or a fitness tracker.

  • Battery Standby: Like an ordinary wristwatch, you are going to use a smartwatch for the whole day. Frequent charging after a few hours will be very inconvenient. Various smartwatches offer a battery standby of more than 15 days. So, if you are looking for a smartwatch, they must purchase the one that can provide you with a battery standby.
  • Accuracy:As discussed earlier, smartwatches monitors various components of your fitness. These measurements should be accurate for better analyses. So, before making any purchase, research the accuracy of smartwatch sensors.


Cell Phone Holder:

If we are discussing the best cell phone accessories, then a cell phone holder cannot be forgotten. A cell phone holder is the most useful accessory while driving any vehicle. Think you are driving a car in traffic and got an urgent call, then what will you do? I do not recommend you to hold your smartphone in your hand while driving. Here the cell phone holder comes into play. You can easily pick the call in a hands-free mode while driving. It will hold your smartphone and allows you to adjust it according to your requirement.

  • Universal Fit: A cell phone holder must be of a universal fit size, which means it should be compatible with all the smartphones. In case you are changing your smartphone, you should not have to buy another holder. So, I recommend you purchase a flexible cell phone holder for a better experience.
  • Quality: Quality is the main aspect of a cell phone holder. You are going to attach and detach the smartphone frequently. This may lead to loss of grip if you purchase a cheap quality cell phone holder. Thus, choose a holder with made of premium quality elastic for a longer duration.



Cell phone accessories play an essential role in completing your smartphone. These accessories allow a user in accessing smartphone facilities to the fullest. Most of the smartphone users stay confused with what accessories should they buy from all. I discussed some of the most useful smartphone accessories that must be purchased by a smartphone user. Meanwhile, there is a brief discussion about some tips and factors to be considered while buying cell phone accessories. I suggest you read the article carefully for purchasing the best accessories for your Smartphone and visit - Esourcesparts.