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Building Websites With PHP: Is It Still Relevant?

With a surge of digitalization, businesses are going digital, and hence the number of new websites launching is increasing every day. But did we ever think about how these websites are made, what is the technology used in developing them? 

Websites are developed using programming languages, and when it comes to choosing a language for development, it's hard to make a decision.

As a reason, companies hire PHP developers for developing websites using PHP. It is one of the most common programming languages used for website development. 

Let's discuss some significant reasons for using PHP,

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Advantages of PHP

Open Source

The best part about PHP is it being open source. This proves to be very beneficial for developers, as they use PHP every day and can learn and implement new changes very quickly. Moreover, PHP is backed by the support of its dynamic frameworks, components, and tools, making it even better.


While developing a project or website, developers and companies keep in mind it's future error-free functionalities. Hence, achieving a robust and dynamic website is the only goal. At the same time, the success of any project matters on its scalability. Therefore, scalability is critical, as the website should handle the traffic and grow effectively. 

Higher Speed

As PHP uses its memory, both loading time and work-load reduce. Hence the processing speed gets higher, which is beneficial for both developers and clients.


Since PHP is an open-source language, no additional software is required to work with it. Here, you don't have to pay any extra cost or a royalty fee, and there are no restrictions. As PHP has multiple integration systems, using PHP becomes cost-efficient.

Easy Customization

Any custom options do not limit the server-side of PHP. Hence, it's a useful tool for making customizations in PHP based websites. Here, developers can make customization as per the client's needs, and along with the JavaScript, they can build both a good looking and functional website; as per the credible sources, more than 80% of websites across the internet are built on PHP, Facebook, Twitter, and Flickr are some examples.

Why is PHP Still Considered To Be Good?

PHP being open-source, easy to understand, and customizable, is considered to be light and comfortable. Even inexperienced developers could quickly work on PHP, delivering timed results. This happens to be PHP's most prominent advantage to date. The new frameworks of PHP empowered it to do better and greater things. Among these are Laravel, Symphony, Yamania, Cake, Yii, and CodeIgniter. 

These frameworks come with packages and products such as admin panels, profilers, web sockets, servers, payment integrations, queuing managers, etc. The frameworks create an ecosystem for PHP, which allows it to work even faster. It is required by the web's rapid growth with more interactive features, dynamic designs, and richer functionality. With this, one can go beyond Content Management Systems like WordPress and combine libraries with any framework at hand.

Improvements in PHP

As some programming languages decline with time, it is the opposite with PHP; as its demand is always on the rise. It offers various benefits that customize itself as per the rapid progress in web development mechanisms. The backend done with PHP is just a database addition in the front-end development. With PHP, much more diverse tasks can be done like data gathering, integration, and redirection with mobiles.

Keeping in mind the above mentions, it can be said that PHP has become even more compatible, convenient, and efficient with time, which enables PHP to do diversified tasks and be more user-friendly and economical. Hene, PHP is the best choice for commercial projects (thanks to its quick onboarding and light syntax).

Easier and Faster

On average, PHP helps to deliver a development project very fast. With cut-throat competition in the market, where every new business wants to leave a mark, clients' requirements related to economics and faster-delivered solutions are increasing. In such a case, PHP comes as a blessing as this programming language is easy for the developers to understand and enables them with more options to create and customize solutions.

Building Websites With PHP is Still Relevant (Conclusion)

With such benefits at hand, PHP is undoubtedly the best available solutions' to build a website. It is convenient, easy to learn, economical, offers various libraries with beneficial packages, houses detailed documentation, and very importantly holds a big community of developers. PHP is a kind of programming languages' that can be used to build any website, be it the landing pages or simple WordPress websites. To make use of PHP's essential benefits, it is recommended to hire PHP developers for web development, as they can create robust and dynamic websites with their expert skills and knowledge. Hence, some might say PHP to an old programming language, but we call it exclusive and classy.