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Is there any best way to reduce weight

Have you ever been told by someone you must reduce weight, told by shopkeeper there's no size for you or told by your friends that you just aren't fit?

Definitely yes everyone has faced these situations once in life time. But everyone within the world is simply pointing their fingers to you, never given the simplest solution?

If you read any diet book it will claim to give you all the tips that successfully helps in reducing the  weight. Some will claim the key to get fit and reduce weight  is to eat less and exercise more, others will claim that low fat is the only way to go, while others prescribe cutting out carbs. So, what should a person believe?

The truth is there is that losing weight is not a cup of tea, there is no “one solution that fits to everyone” for permanent healthy weight loss. What works for one person may not work for other, since our bodies respond differently. Depending on genetics and other health factors. Generally, people try different methods but fails and at the end they lose hopes. The method of weight loss that’s right for person will likely take time and require patience, commitment.

As per the views of dietician for loosing or for gaining weight there's 60:40 ratio that a standard person have to follow .

60% - for the diet(food)

40%- exercise

Food plays a vital role in everyone's life and it isn't necessary that an individual should stop eating there favorite items just to scale back weight. it isn't an hard an fast rule that someone who is obsessed should stop eating.

Few things are that are simple and you'll get laid to reduce weight.


  1. Drinking 3-4 liter of water daily.
  2. Eat high protein diet and reduce quantity of fatty food.
  3. Drink Lemon with water that helps in detoxing the body.
  4. Divide your food quantity, i.e. if you eat 3 times each day make it 5 times daily.
  5. Eating of egg whites’ walnuts almonds fruits can help to get rid of unwanted calories and hence will help in reducing weight.
  6. Take oat meal and replace it along with your lunch or dinner further.
  7. Drink tea or coffee as caffeine boosts metabolism by 3–11%.
  8. If you're keen on to try to to exercise then know for half an hour then you'll increase it alternatively yoga may be another better option.
  9. Fast for 14 hours after the dinner.
  10. Increase quantity of fruits , salad and vegetables.



  1. Say no to sugar .
  2. Say no to fat and carbs.
  3. Say no to alcohol.
  4. Don't skip the meals.
  5. Don't take oily food.
  6. Don't take stress.


There are some ways to scale back weight but most of them cause you to feel empty stomach or didn't fill the body's requirement. In starting someone might feel that it is not worthwhile, it's waste of  time but trust me you'll start loving it and therefore the neatest thing is that you just do not have to depart your food.

There may well be some those that are foody and love food the foremost don't desire to try and do of these things, but trust me this is the best thing you need not to go on diet , neither take medicines, and leave the food . 

Stay Strong , Stay happy and eat healthy!!

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