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Awareness for Puppy Day


One of America's favorite holidays is Puppy Day. It is celebrated on the last day of February. Puppy Day is the day that people give their dogs a nice reward for being a good dog. This special day is also called "Puppy Appreciation Day". It is truly the day we give our best friends, the ones that love us no matter what we do!

The origin of Puppy Day can be traced back to the middle of August in England. On that day, dogs could be trained to perform certain tricks or be trained to do certain jobs. For example, the Queen Mother would have a poodle trained to fetch. King Charles II often had his hares (hounds) trained to hunt on his behalf. And for the poor working class, the Poor House servants often got a gift basket of food and treats on this very special day.

Today, the tradition continues with many people observing national Puppy Day 2021, with lots of activities and plenty of gifts being given to the dogs. There are even special schools that teach kids about Puppy Day and its importance in creating good pet care habits. Puppy Day has become a worldwide phenomenon and is celebrated in almost every country, as well as in several different denominations. In fact, some churches have started celebrating Puppy Day with a day of service for the puppies, where people visit the church and give the dogs treats!

Other organizations also promote the Puppy Day awareness. For example, there is the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) that encourages people to stop the cruelty to the animals living in puppy farms. If you are wondering where you can find puppy farms, they are often located in rural areas with poor conditions. In fact, puppy farming is illegal in most countries. But because of the huge demand for puppies, these puppy farms continue to proliferate.

Many shelters and rescue groups also promote Puppy Day. The ASPCA also has a website where you can find out more about the dogs and the importance of adopting a puppy from a shelter or rescue group. Some dog rescues run special events during Puppy Day where people can adopt dogs for a nominal fee and visit a number of dogs. You can also take part in the rescue's daily walk with the dogs and visit the dogs in their care.

If you are a proud member of the puppy loving family, it is important to show your support for the cause of promoting Puppy Day by visiting your local animal shelter. Not only will you be doing your part in promoting the joy of owning a pet, but you can also receive a tax write-off on the purchase of a puppy! So why wait? Go ahead and celebrate the joy of owning a new puppy today!

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