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7 Beauty Products To Look Gorgeous

Let’s be real, who, in today’s day & time has the energy to follow a skincare routine? In between our hectic schedule, ranging from college assignments & office deadline , we often forget to work on our appearances. However, in order to make a statement, a person should be presentable. Looking one’s best also boosts confidence level. Therefore, in order to look gorgeous in a jiffy, there are some basic makeup products. We have mentioned 7 beauty products, which will make you look stunning in no time whatsoever, check them out below.


One of the primary stages of makeup begins with the foundation. A foundation comes in the form of a liquid which serves many purposes, such as, hiding blemishes, providing an even color to the skin, inevitably making for gorgeous skin. Depending on the person’s skin type & color, the foundation comes in various shades. Therefore, it is imperative that one buys the most suitable product whilst shopping. All in all, it’s always best to shop for the right foundation in person.


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Eye Liner

Nothing rings truer than the quote, “Eyes are the window to the soul”. It is true, eyes speaks volumes, therefore, one always wishes to make them more beautiful. An eye-liner makes a person’s eyes look gorgeous, bold & sometimes it also changes the eye’s shape. It can be used on the above upper lash & below lower lash or evenon the water line. One can also further experiment & draw out wing. A winged eyeliner inevitably adds a striking look to the eyes. What is more, is that, one can buy eyeliners in hues of blue, black, gold & green. Ulta Black Friday 2020 Sale is the perfect platform to grab some amazing deals.


In order to add different shades of hues, a cosmetic named, eye-shadow is used. It is applied on one’s eyelids & under the eye. By doing so, it complements one’s eye color. It makes the eyes pop out & draws attention to them, which eventually leads to a gorgeous look. Furthermore, one can try and experiment with different colors & to top it off, one can also purchase sparkly eye-shadow, for a mystic look.


A mascara is a cosmetic which helps to enhance the eyelashes. It just adds the right & final touch for striking eyes. It elongates the lashes, making them look dark, fuller & more beautiful. In most cases, a mascara is available in the form of liquid, contained in a tube. However, one should be careful whilst applying it as accidents are common with it. One should also ensure to purchase the best quality of mascara as a cheap product can have detrimental effect.


A toner helps with the removal of any impurities that get stuck in the pores. One should apply it after washing the face and only then proceed with applying makeup. If a person keeps up with using it daily, it  will eventually have positive effects on the skin. It will, in no time, get rid of all the balck-heads, make the skin more tight, which will subsequently delay ageing.


The right shade of lipstick, adds just the right oomph factor to one’s personality. It goes without saying that, lipsticks plays a major role in making a person look stunning. Each shade of lipstick adds a different dimension to the look. However, it is also imperative that one chooses the right shade according to skin type, whilst shopping . Lipsticks ranges over a variety of colors but the classic red suits all skin types.


To finish of the look, one should, lastly, apply compact, it will help the makeup to stay put for a longer time interval whilst also providing the chic & flawless look. It helps by stopping the sweat which ruins the entire makeup, hence making the makeup more durable. Furthermore, compact powders come in all shades, just like the foundation. Therefore, one must make sure to buy the right product, by first testing it in person. To get more information about beauty and makeup ideas you can take a look at christmas makeups


All in all, with 7 products in the pocket, a gorgeous look is easily attainable in no time. What’s more is that, these products come at an affordable price too, so, splurging once in a while does not create a hole in one’s pocket. Everyone should definitely have thesebasic 7 staples on their cosmetic list.