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15 of New Zealand's Most Amazing Things To Be Done

New Zealand is popular all over the world for its unbelievable landscape from sweeping mountains to massive underground cellar networks, giant glaciers to boiling hot fountains. There are also nice towns, secret spots, stunning wildlife, and more packed. Indeed, we struggled to reduce it to the necessary list of 15 in New Zealand.

Two islands, North and South, are the top things we think any traveller should not skip. These are the best in New Zealand. You can press directly to save to the South Island if you want to.



1. Hit the Wellington gay bar


In Wellington, there aren't many gay bars but mostly because of the generally supportive LGBTQ nightclub scene. Head into Cuba Street and you find Ivy Bar, the most laid-down S&M's Cocktail & Lounge Bar with drag-outs, cabarets, and entertainment.



2. Plunge into the coffee community of Wellington


The people of Wellington are serious about their coffee. That means that you have plenty of places to repair it. The Flight Coffee Hangar and Memphis Belle are recommended. Customs Brew Bar.



3. Take the Tour of the Weather Workshop


In this day and age, Lord of the Rings is not good enough to mention too much in a news article in New Zealand, but any film fan does not skip Weta. Artifacts from other films and a variety of features behind the scenes are part of the whole of the middle earth.



4. Scorching Bay is eating an ice cream


Go to the Miramar peninsula and sit down on the sand, watching the boat streaming from the harbor, with ice cream (or a full-blown barbecue). Beatitude.



5. Go to the Cuba Street vintage


Cuba Street is possibly the coolest spot for antique shops and stores in Wellington, as well as independent shops, coffee shops, bars, and much more. The iconic bucket fountain should also be seen – some love it some hate it!



6. Climb the Sky Tower for incredible views of Auckland


Yeah, this is one of New Zealand's most common things to do but what better way to get to know Auckland than to see it over 1.000 meters? It is in fact, the highest independent structure in the Southern Hemisphere. From the observation deck, you can also jump base by cable...



7. Visit the Museum of Auckland


Whenever you glimpse the skyline of Auckland, you will see this huge, neoclassical structure, so it is uncomplicated not to go in. Its displays are especially unmistakable on Maori and Pacific Island objects.



8. Rid it on a night of comedy


Auckland, in particular The Classic Comedy and The Bar at Queen Street, are always the best comedians in New Zealand who perform both locally and internationally.



9. Go to the Goat Island snorkel


The first marine reserve in the country was so good that the sea here works positively with water life. This makes it the best place to snorkel and dive. If you would like to remain dry, you can even get glass-bottomed vessels.



10. Visit a city volcano


You can find Mt Eden, the highest volcanic cone in Auckland just outside of the city. Good walks lead you up to the top and have excellent views of the city. Don't just go into the crater—the Maori find it sacred.



11. See some music live


Auckland is a fantastic place to enjoy live music with venues throughout the area. The neck of the Woods has an eclectic line-up, while Orleans jazz, blues, and soul make you forget that you're in NZ.



12. Wild in the zoo of Auckland


Auckland Zoo is an exciting and personal way of getting closer to some of NZ's most astonishing natural wildlife, as well as Australian, Pacific, and other species. Who won't see in the flesh a kiwi bird?



13. Go on a bar crawl in Auckland


A bar crawl is an ideal way to explore the nightlife of Auckland and to meet new people. The best-known is Frenzi Bar Crawl, where you can take a free drink at any of the bars you frequent.



14. Take the ferry to the Island of Waiheke


A short Auckland Ferry trip takes you to the island of Waiheke, where you can find dry, warm micro conditions, stunning sandy beaches, and picturesque rocky bays. It is also an excellent place to taste some of the finest wines of New Zealand.



15. See Eden Park for a rugby match


The All Black people live in New Zeeland, and if you are lucky, you could catch them at the biggest rugby stadium in New Zealand, where a World Cup in 2011 took place. Many national games also value your time and your dollar.